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Major Update!

23. May 2012 

We've released a major update for «Pingwin-Adventures». 


Nominated for «Swiss App Award 2012» in Category «Best Game App»!

28. March 2012


The first Award!

19. March 2012 

We are very proud to announce, that we have received TheFWA «Mobile of the Day» Award for «Pingwin-Adventures». 


★ Ain’t no iceberg high enough, ain’t no water deep enough – a game simple to control and addictive ★

How to play

Your goal: catch as many sushis as you can.
Your rewards: sushi points, sushi-coins, PowerUps and a speedy Pingwin. 

Sushi lovers will have to admit that sushi literally can boost up your day. And that’s exactly what it needs to bring Pingwin back home to his beloved mom.

The full story

Pingwin, who normally spends his days splashing around at the South Pole, suddenly wakes up all alone at the North Pole. It’s a mystery to him how he got there.
A crash with an iceberg followed by a knock-out? Who knows... 

His plan is to get back home, no matter how dangerous and adventurous the long journey may be.

So activate the supernatural powers of Pingwin, which will help him defy the great dangers on his way home! Feed him with plenty of sushis to get enough strength to swim the exhausting distance from the North to the South Pole! But be aware! Every crash with an iceberg means precious loss of energy and slows him down.

This is how it goes;

For every swallowed sushi you receive points. This score will then be multiplied by your achievements at the end of the level. Additionally the Sushi-Coins you earn, can be used to buy – amongst other things – PowerUps in our new store.

The PowerUps will enable you to guide Pingwin better through the levels. So if he’s a bit lame and keeps bumping into icebergs (or your skills are not all that) you should get an update asap. Here’s a little tip: as every level gets more tricky and difficult, a PowerUp of Pingwin’s abilities will help achieve the 3 Star Golden Plate. Got it? Ready to play now?

“Pingwin Adventures” contains the following features:

★ Easy and intuitive single-tap control of the penguin
★ Story Mode and Training Mode
★ 2 new worlds. “Arctic” and “Open Water” with each 15 levels
★ 70+ Achievements
★ Game statistics
★ Fresh design
★ New Sushi creations
★ New PowerUp: Floating Tire – Multiplier for your collected scores
★ New PowerUp: Soy Sauce – Multiplier for your collected sushis
★ New PowerUp: Kickstarter – Gives you an initial speed boost
★ New store to update your PowerUps
★ Game Center Connection
★ Optimized for iPhone 4+ and iPad 2+

★★ Facebook Community ★★

It’s time for a challenge. YOU are now officially recruitet as a travel agent to plan the perfect route for Pingwin’s trip back to the South Pole. Vote through which country he shall swim next and we will build the level for it! A quick click on the Food-Station map on Facebook is all it needs.



The Country-Voting is on! Once a Sushi-Food-Station is full, we will send out our developers to inspect the country’s historic sites so they can build the new World in “Pingwin Adventures” to it.  Dive into this journey with Pingwin and explore the cultural gaming experience beyond the arctic mile limit! Long-term adventure guaranteed.

Be the first to know when a new World is available and follow us on Twitter or go to Facebook and LIKE the fanpage:




One day Pingwin wakes up all alone and lost at the North Pole! … It’s a mystery to the young penguin how he got there. With your help he can find back home to the South Pole. But it will be a long and adventurous journey … 

So activate the supernatural powers of Pingwin which will help him defy the great dangers on his way home! To be able to swim the exhausting distance from the North to the South Pole Pingwin needs enough food. So help him find it!


Thileeban Thanapalan
Idea, Concept, Interface Design and Production Supervisor

Manolis Pahlke 
Concept, Graphic Lead and Programming

Christoph Angehrn
Concept, 3D Modeling, Animation, Spot Production and Level Design

Urs Breton
Programming, Website Back-End

Hannes Aeschlimann

Luc Gut
Music and Sound Effects

Darko Linder
Sound Effects

Tobias Horka
Community Concept (coming soon)

Simon Schmid
Community Programming

Sascha Moetsch
Community Mobile Version, Website Front-End, Spot Production

Nadia Naas
Copywriter and Social Media Manager

Lukas Peyer und Gabriel Hase
Game Back-End

Shaddai Prejean
Pingwin Illustrations

Pingwin Costume Actor
Michael Sonderegger

Boris Périsset
Art Direction

Moritz Zumbühl
Online Marketing

Daniel Graf

Special Thanks to:
All FEINHEIT employees, Jonas Dennler, Julia Panknin, Boris Stock, Natasa Susilo, Natalie Stein, Sven Rufer, Christoph Schaub, Christine Schuppli, Moana Monnier, René Monnier, Nils Ammann, Nina Meyer & all Pingwin Gamer

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